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Yixing Medicine Buddha

Yixing Medicine Buddha

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Hand casted in resin this Buddha head is made to resemble the famous clay from Yixing Chinese Province. Yixing ware has the unique ability to absorb flavor with continued usage. Medicine Buddha is usually referred to as the doctor of the world. Not only is Medicine Buddha the granter of wishes for perfect health, the Medicine Buddha path of light is one that leads the practitioner to enlightenment.

Makes a great gift!

Made of cold cast resin. Hand painted.

L: 6" x W: 5.25" x H: 10.25"

Vow on disk:

Second Great Vow of the Twelve Vows of Medicine Buddha

"I vow that in a future life, when I have attained Supreme Enlightenment, my body, inside and out, will radiate far and wide the clarity and flawless purity of lapis lazuli. This body will be adorned with superlative virtues and dwell peacefully in the midst of a web of light more magnificent than the sun or moon. The light will awaken the minds of all beings dwelling in darkness, enabling them to engage in their pursuits according to their wishes."

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