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Throughout China's long and storied past, no animal has affected its history as greatly as the horse. Ever since its domestication in northeastern China around 5,000 years ago, the horse has been an integral figure in the creation and survival of the Middle Kingdom. Its significance has been such that as early as the Shang Dynasty (ca. 1600-1100 BC), horses and the vehicles they powered were entombed with their owners so as to be with them in the next life. During the Western Zhou Dynasty (ca. 1100-771 BC), military might was measured by the number of war chariots available to a particular kingdom. As the empire grew, horses became essential for maintaining contact with and control of the empire and for transporting goods and supplies throughout the vast and diverse country.

Our Han Horse is also known as a Prosperity Horse.

Makes a Great Gift!

Made of cold cast resin. Hand painted.

L: 11" x W: 4.75" x H: 13.5"