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Delightfully naturalistic, this bear sculpture has been carefully replicated to honor the characteristic details of the two Mat Bear Weights showcased in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s Early Italian Room.

Both bears’ poses and expressions exude an air of playfulness. Each bear sits with one hind leg tucked, its mouth slightly open in a friendly growl. The bears’ design indicates their original purpose, for these bronze weights were to be placed on low platforms used for seating and to hold down the corners of textiles, floor mats, or rugs.

Bears emerged as favorite subjects in the art and literature of the Western Han Dynasty. Often finely crafted, mat weights were collected for their artistic value and used daily. Many such mat weights have been found in aristocratic tombs of this time period, buried with their owners to represent the continuity between the living world and the afterlife. The Mat Bear Weights in the Gardner Museum were found near Xi’an, China in the early 1900s.

This Mat Bear Weight sculpture captures the patina, mottled coloring, and details of the original, including its 6 1/8 inch height. Used as a weight or a decorative object, this resin bear sculpture will continue its time-honored tradition of being a favored possession, sure to demonstrate its unique utility and aesthetic.


Made of cold cast resin. Hand painted.
L: 10" x W: 8" x H: 7"

Weight: 8.12 lb.

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