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FLW - Oak Park Skylight

FLW - Oak Park Skylight

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Oak Park Home and Studio
Studio Entrance Skylight
Oak Park, Illinois, 1897

This complex rectilinear design is adapted from one of the two matched pair of art glass skylights in the entrance to the Frank Lloyd Wright’s studio, attached to his home in Oak Park, and can still be seen there.  The Skylights, with their autumnal coloration, alter with the season and the changing quality of sunlight – and leading into his two story octagonal studio, must have been an impressive sight for first time clients at the dawn of the twentieth century.

GLASS: L: 15.375" x W: 6.875" x THK: 0.75" BASE: L: 6.875" x W: 2.75" x H: 0.75"

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