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FLW - Midway Gardens, Stability Sprite

FLW - Midway Gardens, Stability Sprite

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Midway Gardens was an indoor-outdoor entertainment complex located on Chicago’s south side. Constructed in 1914, the complex was ornamented with concrete panels, hand-painted wall murals, lighting, and tableware all designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Working in collaboration with sculptor Alfonso Iannelli, a group of various concrete figures, male and female, were sculpted and stood atop the building’s street façades.  They were gracefully positioned in the interior spaces and gardens contained within the structure.

These abstractions of the human form entertain the eye and seem at times to reflect the Art Nouveau and Cubism movements of the early twentieth century.

"A man’s conscience is really the mainspring of what he, with some reason, might call his soul. So listen attentively to conscience, always."  1959 - Frank Lloyd Wright

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Made of cold cast resin. Hand painted.

L: 5.25" x W: 4.25" x H: 14.25"