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Dragon Magnets Set of 4

Dragon Magnets Set of 4

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Bring a dragon to work or school! Put one on your locker, fridge or any metal surface! This is Ruth Thompson's Set 2 of her new Dragon Magnets! This set includes--"Lord of the Forest" a deep green dragon standing in repose with her wings spread, "Twilight Duel's Black Dragon" is an ebony dragon in flight with his wings outstretched, "Draconis Nox" depicts a purple dragon with her wings drawn upward and legs curled underneath her and "Stormchaser" is a brilliant blue dragon, facing downward with his wings on the downbeat of a flight. A great gift for the dragon lover in your life!

Hand painted resin 

Each Magnet: L"2 1/2" x W:1/8" x H:2 1/2"

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