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*S Danegeld Tankard

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  • 4600

This Viking tankard measures approximately 5.11 inches Wide x 4 inches Depth x 5.7 inches Tall. It holds a capacity of 20 fl oz.
Cast in designer resin and hand-painted, the black body of this Tankard is seemingly made of carved wood, intertwining Viking knots covering the lower half. A ring of Nordic runes circles the base, and the knot designs extend to the handle – shaped like Mjolnir.
On the sides of the Tankard, a fierce Viking skull stares outwards in front of 2 crossed battle axes, a thick brown beard braided for battle
This Tankard comes with a removable stainless steel insert for ease of cleaning. Hand wash only
This Viking beer stein is designed by Nemesis Now and distributed by Summit Collection. Great gift item for any occasion

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