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Dragon Claw Walking Cane

Dragon Claw Walking Cane

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Why settle for a boring walking staff when you can have one that perfectly complements your fantasy style? This Dragon Claw Walking Cane features ornate detail that definitely sets it apart from the crowd as a part of your ensemble. With its unique design, this cane can be the perfect finishing touch to your costume or a great accessory for everyday use. Topping the long black staff is the claw of a dragon, one of the most ghastly creatures ever imagined. Ornate scrollwork and flame detailing add eye-catching touches to the bottom of the claw, while a white orb adds a mystical touch to the overall look. The claw is made from cold cast resin and is painted by hand, as is the reinforcement at the bottom. The epitome of fierceness and mysticism, this Dragon Claw Walking Cane will undoubtedly take your look to the next level.Key Features:Smooth black staff has dragon top and footHandle depicts a dragon claw holding a white orbScrollwork and flames add intricate touchesGreat for costuming or decorative use.

Made of cold cast resin and the functional black cane is made of cast metal

L: 3"x W: 2 3/4"x H: 37 1/4"

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